Reading Music — [Two Tiers of Learning: Information & Ethics]

Part One: Why Do You Read & Learn?

First, to gather information.

The second reason to read or learn, then, would be:


Part Two: Learning To Manifest How We Live

How ought we live our lives?

This was why you would learn.

Do you read & learn for information or for ethics?

Are you satisfied with the first tier and the conglomeration of material?

Or does your learning start with your head, but then move to your hands?

Does your learning lead, not to you just knowing more things, but to playing the song?

So as you read and as you learn, keep asking the question:

“What does this piece sound like in my life?

What am I going to do with this information so that its ends in a song being played?”

Whatever you learn,
learn it to play it.

I’m working on discovering how to “Become More Human”

Contact me here or use Twitter | Facebook.



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Tyler Kleeberger

Tyler Kleeberger


Pursuing what it means to be human so as to build the best world possible. Practical ethics through in-depth exploration. Becoming Human: