The sociological task reveals that this is the wrong question.

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Two unsatisfactory approaches to society are (1) blind acceptance of how things are and (2) overt verdicts on society’s moral status as a whole.

Neither pays attention to the process of how norms came to be nor the variety of outcomes they produce. …

Marriage, transience, and the elusive difficulty of belonging.

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“What is the most important advice to give a couple before they get married?”

I never really considered a vocation that would involve officiating weddings and offering pre-marital counseling. I’m not sure anyone grows up with such a lofty career goal. Yet, I’ve somehow managed to have it be a…

Lessons on labor and the futile attempt to rewire society’s economics toward good, meaningful work.

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In the small village of Cortez, Florida — tucked away in a neighborhood bordered by a burgeoning state highway full of tourists and professionals who are often impeded by an antiquated two-lane bridge unable to account for the to-do list of 21st century America — sits an old fish market…

The functions of society, social facts, and the collective life according to Emile Durkheim.

Summary: What does it mean to exist? Emile Durkheim proposed that humans don’t exist, they belong. We are social beings. This began the field of sociology under the premise that society functions to offer belonging and becoming while being a dominant force for human existence and understanding. This is important…

Tyler Kleeberger

Pursuing what it means to be human so as to build the best world possible. Practical ethics through in-depth exploration. Becoming Human:

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